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Effective Lake County Attorney Establishes Legal Guardianships

Leesburg firm creates instruments to protect children and disabled adults

Creating a legal guardianship can be a complex, highly personal process. Whether you’re looking to address the needs of a child or an adult who lacks proper capacity, it is important to understand the process and responsibilities associated with Florida guardianships. My Leesburg firm, the Law Office of Kimberly A. Schulte, LLC, provides knowledgeable counsel to individuals and families looking to establish legal authority so that legal matters, finances and other vital concerns are handled properly. Whether the potential ward is voluntarily transferring control or not, I’ll advocate for a resolution that serves their best interests.

Florida lawyer helps clients handle legal and financial issues for loved ones

Guardianship is a substantial commitment that can last for years or even decades. Accordingly, several steps, including background checks and an educational seminar, are usually required. I’ll make sure you have the information you need regarding:

  • Caring for an incapacitated adult — Before you petition to create a guardianship for a disabled or otherwise incapacitated adult, it’s important to have your documentation in order. I assist families in securing the medical and factual evidence necessary to obtain orders stating that the person you wish to care for is legally incapacitated and that you are a suitable guardian. My firm represents clients before judges and examining boards to demonstrate that the specific terms of the guardianship are appropriate and well defined.
  • Choosing a guardian for your child — If you have a son or daughter, my firm will show you how to leave detailed instructions regarding legal guardianship should you be unable to care for them due to death or incapacity. I can detail the different aspects of the guardian’s role and help make arrangements to meet their financial needs if you wish.
  • The importance of making a will — Many people only associate wills and other estate planning instruments with the disposition of property after they die. Likewise, individuals lacking extensive assets sometimes wrongfully believe that a proper will is not necessary. This is untrue, particularly for parents of minor children. Rather than leaving these matters up to chance, my firm can show you how a will fits into a comprehensive plan aimed at securing a healthy environment for your child no matter what happens.

No matter what your particular circumstances might entail, I provide knowledgeable, personalized guidance at every stage of your guardianship proceeding.

Contact a dedicated Florida lawyer to discuss a guardianship matter

The Law Office of Kimberly A. Schulte, LLC counsels individuals and families in the Lake County area on establishing legal guardianships. Please call 352-460-1721 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Leesburg office.

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